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We are Tell to Inspire and have a mission: “To inspire and encourage people to help each other”. We inspire by organizing the Social Impact Tour. We help each other by donating part of our ticket proceeds to social initiatives.

What is the Social Impact Tour?

A series of events with the theme: “This really is me”. On stage is an inspiring team of speakers, dancers, musicians and comedians. During the tour they share their impressive story in their own way. Since an in-person performance is not yet possible, every event will be streamed live. The tour starts on May 24, with Theater DeLaMar in Amsterdam as its first location.

Onze internationale editie

Do you want to participate in the international Social Impact Tour? It will start on July 6 at the AFAS Circustheater in Scheveningen. You will be guided by Yuen Yen Tsai who works with Colin Skelton from Johannesburg (South Africa). This first international edition, which runs in English, serves as a trial initially and will then expand to Johannesburg.


We are looking for speakers, dancers, musicians, comedians, presenters and photographers. Do not wait too long to register, because we make a selection for the international edition every week.

Do you want to make social impact together?

We ask every participant to choose an international social initiative they would like to support. We donate 70% of our ticket proceeds to this initiative. This percentage is after deduction of our costs, including an expense allowance for participants who need this.

We introduce you to our network

We share your details with our network so that you can be approached for paid assignments. We do this during our live stream performances and our live stream talk shows. The talk shows are prior to the performances and a great platform to make yourself known. We will also let you announce which social initiative you are committed to. You will also receive a video and photo report of your participation.

Selection of speakers and presenters

Our approach is that we offer storytelling and presentation training for a fee. After the training, the practical assignment is: performing in the AFAS Circustheater. A number of “wildcard spots” are available for experienced speakers and presenters. For the ‘wildcard’ holders, there is no need to invest in training. However a commitment to support tickets sales in some ways is requested.

How do we realize our events?

We use crowdfunding and ask every participant to offer tickets within their network. We support you with a ready-to-use post for your own timeline. We also advise on approaching social initiatives and cooperation with business networks. You will also receive a page on our website. Tickets can be ordered here and we place a “Book me” button. This is for our business network that is interested in hiring you.

Sign Up

Interested? Sign up for a Zoom session for more information. Is a Zoom session inconvenient? Send an e-mail to The days that we give Zoom sessions are:

Zoomsessie Deelname
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After registration, receive an e-mail with the Zoomlink.

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